Raul Serrano


I started painting in earnest over thirty years ago in New York City. My subject matter was focused on imagery used by Impressionist painters: bathers, picnics, street scenes, and still lifes. Little by little I incorporated different perspectives, scales, and seemingly disconnected images to illustrate interlocking feelings and to create motion and flow within the composition. When I moved to Ulster County I discovered the richness of nature and started incorporating that as a counterpoint to the human-designed elements.

Having an absolute story for each painting robs them of mystery, poetry, and constant shifts of meaning, which lead to new connections between the elements. I like playing with images that represent puns and sayings. I also like using different visual languages to express “philosophies,” for example, quoting Nietzsche in a Mayan language. Viewers often search for one definition or answer when looking at my work. I am not a realistic or narrative painter and love the tactility of paint. I think of myself as a portrayer of emotions.